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Essential Oils Concentration

Custom fragrances to empower and inspire individuals through scent. Affordable and long-lasting scents reflecting your unique personality, mood, and style.

  • Belief in the power of fragrance to enhance mood and boost confidence

  • Passionate about perfumery and creating custom fragrances

  • Affordable, long-lasting fragrances that bring a touch of luxury

  • Personalized scents that are a true reflection of individuality and style

Tailored Fragrance Made for You.

At Auora & You, we believe that your perfume should be as unique as you are. That’s why we offer a bespoke perfume service where our team of experts will handcraft a scent that perfectly matches your preferences. We’ll work with you to understand your favourite notes, an existing fragrance that you admire, and the type of fragrance you prefer, whether it’s a body mist, cologne, EDT, EDP, or parfum.

With our custom perfume service, you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind scent that is truly your own. Trust us to deliver an unforgettable fragrance experience that’s tailored just for you

Why we’re different

Auora & You, a handcrafted perfume brand that takes pride in creating unique and exquisite scents to help you express your individuality. Our essential oil concentration of up to 25% ensures that our perfumes have a longer-lasting and more intense fragrance profile compared to our competitors. We believe that luxury shouldn't come at a high cost, which is why we offer our products in the Parfum category at affordable prices.

Why we’re different

  • Handcrafted perfumes made to order

  • Essential oil concentration of up to 25%

  • Longer-lasting and more intense fragrance profile

  • Affordable luxury in the Parfum category

  • Personalized scent creation with our team of experts

We’re passionate about perfumery and aim to help you find your perfect scent that enhances your mood, boosts your confidence, and leaves a lasting impression.

Quality Ingredients

Crafted with care and devotion, our perfumes embody the essence of luxury, as we meticulously select and blend the highest quality ingredients to create unforgettable olfactory experiences.”

“From rare botanical extracts to premium aromatic essences, our perfumes are a testament to our commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients, resulting in captivating and enduring scents that define elegance

Lasting Results

Indulge in fragrances that stand the test of time. Our hand crafted perfumes are formulated to have impressive staying power, giving you the confidence to embrace every moment with grace and allure